New York

Election in New York

See voter registration and other important information from the Board of Election of the State of New York:

Check out the election guide on Ballotpedia about the state of New York: maintains an active site on voter guide in the state.


CAVA members are supporting Congressman Max Rose in New York Congressional District 11 (near New York City).

Several Asian Americans are running in the 2020 election (this is not a complete list, neither an endorsement list, but was provided by our CAVA members in New York who are aware of the following candidates; If there are other Asian American candidates to be added, please contact CAVA and provide their information).

Assemblymember Yuh-Line Niou is running as a democratic candidate for re-election in New York City, historical Chinatown area to represent the Asian community in the New York Assembly:

John Zhuo Wang is a democratic candidate and Housing Judge running for Civil Court Judge in District 1 in New York City, also in the Chinatown area.

Ronald Tae Sok Kim is running as a democratic candidates and for re-election as the New York State Assembly 40th District in New York city.

Lester Chang is running as a Republican candidate for New York State Senator in the 26th district: