Voter Registration

Sep 22, 2020 is the National Voter Registrate Day. CAVA members recommend every eligible adults register to vote in the 2020 Election. Check out resources available from:

Voter Registration Rules in your state:

Voter Registration Deadline:

In general, it is 30 days before the election day, which is Oct 5th, 2020, this year. But your state may have different requirement. Some states make it easier for voters to register, for example, directly at the polling places. Check out about your state:

Voter Registration Status:

Please check Secretary of State website in your state, or your county election office website, which will provide your voter registration status. If your voter registration status is unknown or invalid, you need to register to vote. Different states may have different rules. Always check with your state requirement ahead of time.

Other helpful sites:

CAVA recommend and which have been built to help voters in the 2020 Election.

Check out our Voter Guide page which also lists League of Women's Voter and Ballotpedia as recommended voter resource guide that contains needed information for voters.