CAVA is supporting the US Senate Runoff Election in Georgia on Jan 05, 2021!

Two GA senator candidates, Reverend Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff are running on the Democratic side. Please visit their campaign sites to learn more about them:

Join CAVA and Asian American organizations:

We are currently looking for support in:

  • Contacting people you know of in Georgia

  • Chinese media support, such as writing, graphics, video, etc

  • Writing/sending postcards

  • Making phone calls/texting

  • Donation/fundraising

  • Organize events

Sign up here to be part of these efforts and join the Georgia team.

Webinar on "Who are the candidates?" with Georgia Chinese Community

on 12/06/2020, Sunday Evening, 8:30-10PM EST (in Chinese)

Please register ahead of time to attend this free introduction webinar

Join Chinese Community Fundraiser for Georgia Runoff

on 12/15/2020, Tuesday Evening, 6-8PM EST (Atlanta Time)

Official election information on the Runoff from

Important dates: don't forget to apply for your absentee ballot! You'll need to apply again even if you have requested absentee ballot for the general election, unless you are 65 or older, or meet other special conditions.

Read CAVA Chinese introduction articles on:

  1. Why is Georgia Runoff so critical and Chinese community needs to be part of the action? 为什么Georgia 复选对华裔至关重要?

  2. Who is Kelly Loeffler, the Republican appointed senator, and why must we support Raphael Warnock to run against her? 为什么我们要支持 Raphael Warnock?

  3. Who is David Perdue, Republican senator, and why must we support Jon Ossoff to run against him? 为什么我们要支持 Jon Ossoff?

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I have to register to vote in the Runoff Election?

A: If you are already registered to vote, then there is no other step needed. If you have never registered to vote, please register to vote before 12/07/2020 in order to vote in this Runoff Election.

Q: I did not vote in the Nov 3rd General Election. Can I vote in the Runoff Election?

A: Yes, you can still vote in the Runoff Election, even if you have not voted in the General Election.

Q: Where can I register to vote?

A: Please visit Georgia Secretary of State election website,

Q: Where can I find official election information?

A: Please visit Georgia Secretary of State election website

Other questions? Contact us: