Election in Texas

Texas Secretary of State website VoteTexas.gov is the official state website on voter registration, voter status, and other information.

Voter guide, https://www.vote411.org/Texas maintains an active site on voter guide in the state.

If you have questions on voter registration, voting hours/locations, sample ballot etc, please check with your county election office website first (internet search your county election office website).

For example, the largest county in Texas, Harris County in Houston, has the election office on: harrisvotes.com. In Fort Bend County which is a suburb of Houston, the election office is on: FortBendVotes.org.

State and local county political parties, including Democratic and Republican Parties, maintain websites and Facebook links to election information, candidate lists, and other helpful guide too.

Where do I start to vote?

Read our page on "How to vote in this election" to start, no matter where you live in Texas or in the country.

In Texas, if you are registered and ready to vote, here are the steps:

Step 1: Find your ballot, voting locations, hours, etc.

Visit Vote411.org to see the details and links of candidates on your ballot.

Read our page on "How to pick candidates" as a guide.

Step 2: Make a Plan to Vote, as early as possible

Print out your sample ballot, and bring your voter ID. Check out other essential steps on our page of "How to vote in this election"

Other Resources

Local Media: Texas Tribune, Houston Chronicle, Dallas Morning News, Austin Statesman, and your local media have coverage and candidate information, along with their endorsement lists.

Local organizations, such as environmental groups, teachers association, gun-safety advocacy groups, also have their endorsed candidate lists, depending on the issues they care most.

Ballotpedia lists federal and statewide positions on its site: https://ballotpedia.org/Texas

How 2020 Census Data will impact Texas political balance in the next 10 years

Elections of Texas State House Representatives (state chamber) is very important in the 2020 election, as the newly elected state house members will be responsible for redistricting or redrawing federal and state election districts based on 2020 Census data. This will in turn determine how minorities and immigrant communities are represented in the US Congress and in the state chamber.

Election districts in Texas have been gerrymandered in the past to suppress the voting rights of the minority and immigrant communities. Texas is also known for other voter suppression schemes that make voting even harder in the COVID pandemics.

Read about "gerrymandering" on our "Voter Suppression" page and learn how your vote can be important in choosing candidates for the Texas State House.

Here are two article explaining why the Texas State House is an important part of the 2020 election: https://www.transparencyusa.org/article/battleground-2020-texas-house-of-representatives