Georgia Runoff Election

Early Voting 12/14 - 12/31 Election Day 01/05/21!

提前投票 12月14日 - 31日 选举日 1月5日

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In the Jan 5th Runoff Election, Jon Ossoff and Reverend Raphael Warnock are running for Georgia Senators as Democrats.

Their opponents, David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler, are the Republican candidates and incumbent.

Danial Blackman is running for Georgia Public Service Commissioner in District 4 as a Democratic candidate.

His opponent is Lauren McDonald, a Republican candidate and incumbent.

Why Georgia Runoff matters and we must vote?

2020 Election is NOT over! Georgia Runoff will decide

the seats of US Senate, US Congress, and the fate of our nation!

Read this article on New York Times about this election

Key Policy Differences Between the Two Parties and Candidates

How to vote in this election

  1. Who can vote?

As long as you are registered to vote, you can vote in this Runoff Election, regardless if you have voted in the Nov General Election or not.

Voter registration deadline is 12/07/20. Check your voter status and make sure you are eligible to vote: MVP.SOS.GA.GOV

  1. How to vote?

Vote by person in polling locations, or apply Ballot by Mail and send it in (see Vote by Mail details below).

  1. When and where can I vote in person?

MVP.SOS.GA.GOV has your polling places, hours, and information on Absentee Ballot. Voter location and hours vary by counties. Pls check your county election office or registrar's office carefully.

  1. What's on my ballot?

To see your sample ballot, please use the MVP.SOS.GA.GOV website.

  1. Where are the official website and county information?

Check State of Georgia website MVP.SOS.GA.GOV and which list details of the election and county registrar office address and contact. Each county may also have election website that you can search by internet.

  1. There are too much political ads and misinformation around. Where can I find facts and objective data?

First of all, use reliable "Fact Check" websites to always see the research and objective data and help you filter out false claims and disinformation that are becoming prevalent in this election.

Secondly, use official voting records of elected officials, including the two incumbent, Senator Perdue and Senator Loeffler, that are available as public information. These are objective data and public records to show how they have voted in the past and where they stand in important issues, no matter what they have said and put on TV ads.

For example, Senator Perdue's past voting record shows his political alignment and position are on the extreme right-wing side even among Republican politicians.

Absentee or Mail-in Ballot

Apply your ballot from:

Apply as soon as possible. Application deadline is 12/31st but this may be too late to get your ballot mail in, especially in the holiday time.

Your ballot must be received by 7PM on Jan 05 when polls close.

Check your ballot application and status of your ballot on MVP.SOS.GA.GOV

*You'll need to apply again even if you have requested absentee ballot for the general election, unless you are 65 or older, or meet other special conditions.

FAQ: I won't have enough time to mail in my ballot. Can I still vote in person?

Yes, you can still vote by the polls. But please bring your mail-in-ballot with you and ID required for in person voting. Poll workers will assist you to vote.

Check other important information from the State of Georgia website:

How can you help in this election?

Sign up here in CAVA Event Center to be part of the

Chinese/Asian American community and team efforts!

You can also find many volunteer events on candidate websites:

Search all events by Democratic and progressive organizations in

See other grassroots efforts on GA Volunteer Hub

Voter Guide and Know Your Rights

Check the website of Asian American Justice Center - Atlanta to know more about the Runoff Election and your voting rights.

Have questions on this election? Contact us