North Carolina

Please contact us to find more about 2020 election and voter information in North Carolina: Below is a brief summary.

Our North Carolina team leader is Ya Liu, City Councilwoman of Cary. You can also connect to her here:

-查阅您是否是注册选民?Voter Status Lookup

-选民注册申请表格 Register to vote:

-早期投票处也可当场注册选民 Early voting locations and hours:

-邮寄投票申请即规则 Apply vote by mail:

In addition, you can also apply for Mail-in-ballot in NC ahead of time. CAVA has setup this page just for you.

-查阅邮寄投票的状态 Absentee ballot tracking:

-选举日当天投票规则 Vote in person on Election Day

-样本选票 (当地选票上的候选人名单和职位) Sample Ballot (with list of candidates and positions for election in on your ballot):

Find out more who are on your Nov ballot by visiting your county election office, county political party websites, candidate websites and Facebook page, and other voter information provided by CAVA.

CAVA community is supporting Cal Cunningham for the US Senate in North Carolina in the Nov election.

Connect to Cal Cunningham and volunteer here:

“North Carolinians are loyal, hardworking, decent and proudly independent people, and we expect the same from our U.S. Senator.” —Cal Cunningham

CAVA community is supporting Governor Roy Cooper for his re-election in Nov, 2020.

Connect to Governor Cooper and volunteer here:

I want a North Carolina where people are better educated, healthier, have more money in their pockets, and have the opportunity to live lives of purpose and abundance. " - Roy Cooper