Voting Information

Early Voting and the Election Day

The Election Day, which is the last day you can vote is Nov 3, 2020, Tuesday (every 1st Tuesday of November).

CAVA recommends every voter make a voting plan to vote early, especially during the COVID pandemics.

Early voting date is different by state. Please check your county election office and Secretary of State website for details.

A calendar of different states is provided by

Voting locations, polling places and hours:

Best places to check this is your county election office website. If you are not sure, always call them or contact them.

Political parties in your county, such as the Democratic Party or the Republican Party websites or Facebook, often list polling places, hours, and other important election information.

Other helpful sites:

CAVA recommend and which have been built to help voters in the 2020 Election.

Check out our Voter Guide page which also lists League of Women's Voter and Ballotpedia as recommended voter resource guide that contains needed information for voters.