The Biden/Trump Comparison

Where do I find the key differences between the two candidates and two parties?

The official campaign websites are where you can start by finding the differences between the two candidates and parties.

Donald Trump: (Be aware of the disinformation and propaganda nature of this site).

Other Resources

You can read more on our page on Policies, Issues, & Facts how you can research more on their platforms.

Here are list of recent articles summarizing key issues and contrast between Biden and Trump campaigns. Similar articles are also available from other media outlets and policy research centers.

Read a CAVA Voices article on how Asian Americans see the differences between the Biden and Trump campaigns and immigration policies.

Read a summary article in Chinese, on 100 major historical events and references, shaping the US-China conflicts in the Trump era, and crisis faced by Chinese Americans today. From US-China trade war to economic espionage charges, from closing of the Houston Chinese Consulate to expel of foreign students, from COVID pandemics to WeChat/Tictok ban, Chinese Americans are caught in a cross-fire between the two countries as a result of the anti-immigrant and anti-China policy.