About CAVA

Our History

Chinese American Voter Alliance (CAVA) was officially launched in 2020 to help inform and mobilize Chinese and Asian Americans in the 2020 Election. The core members of CAVA are Chinese American civic leaders, community organizers, and campaign volunteers across the country.

CAVA is community based, volunteer run, data driven, and action focused to achieve measurable impact. We have been active members of the community and campaign contributors since the 2016 election, and even years before that. We share the same vision, mission, and passion for our community and for the future of America.

Our Vision is to see Chinese and Asian American communities become active participants of the American electoral process and effective contributor to the American civil society.

Our Mission is to protect and promote the intrinsic values and guiding principles of the American democratic system, and to inform and encourage Chinese and Asian Americans to be civically engaged and to become conscientious citizens of America.

2020 Election

Facing the unprecedented challenges, historical crisis, and critical turning point in America, CAVA members have built the consensus and are united in the way that we see our priority in the 2020 Election: defeat Trump agenda and mobilize our community to elect candidates who are aligned in our vision and mission.

CAVA is part of a broad national AAPI coalition and is partnering with AAPIs for Biden Affinity Groups in the 2020 election.

Join the CAVA family, add your voice and force, and unite together to help our community and help America move forward.

We are also active on WeChat, Telegram, Facebook, Twits, and other social media.

Questions & Suggestions? Send us an email: info@GoCAVA.org or contact CAVA Director Dr. Helen Shih at HelenShih@GoCAVA.org.