Absentee Ballot and Vote by Mail

Absentee Voting

If you are unable to go to polling places physically by person, for example, due to travel and other personal reasons, you can apply "Absentee Ballot". Find more about how to apply and different state requirements here:

Deadline of application varies by states. Check out your state requirement here:

How to apply

Check the website of the Secretary of State or your county election office, absentee ballot has to be sent out by the county or by the state (in some states). Our "States & Cities" page on this website listed a few of these states and cities. Please use those links as a reference.

Other helpful sites:

CAVA recommend vote.org and iwillvote.com which have been built to help voters in the 2020 Election.

Check out our Voter Guide page which also lists League of Women's Voter and Ballotpedia as recommended voter resource guide that contains needed information for voters.

Vote by Mail (VBM)

Vote by Mail requirements are essentially the same as the Absentee Voting. The application process is the same too. Your state may relax the rules for Vote by Mail, because of the COVID pandemics. Always check your state and county by visiting the same websites as pointed above.

Common Questions:

-If I am concerned about the risk of COVID or if I am afraid to go to vote because of other reasons, can I apply for VBM?

This depends on your state requirement. Some state may be more relaxed in this rule than others. Always check with your county and state election website site, and contact them for any questions.

-Will my ballot be counted on time? Will it be counted as soon as it is received, or at the end of the election?

Your county election office may have certain rules on when to count the VBM ballots. Some county may count the ballots after in-person physical polling is closed at the end of the election. But you need to contact your county and state to find the details.

-Will my ballot be delayed because of post-office slow-down?

Because of the amount of ballots being applied and other campaign materials being mailed, post-office slow down and other postage service slow down are very likely. We recommend voters send out the ballot as soon as possible. Some counties and states allow drop of the ballots directly at polling locations, which may be a wiser way to deliver the VBM.

-Some people have accused the VBM fraud, and my ballot may not be counted. How do I know if my ballot is received and counted?

Ballot verification differs by county and state. The ballot may be rejected if your signature is different from the one on your voter registration card, or certain VBM requirement is not being met. Again, after you send out the ballot, you can sign up for ballot tracking or contact your county election office to check its status.